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We would like to welcome you to this section of our website, which has dedicated information for patients and visitors to Alorf Hospital. We are committed to delivering excellent service and providing a safe, clean, and infection free environment by maintaining high standards of hospital cleanliness. We would highly appreciate patients and visitors adhering to our hospital guidelines to help us to maintain these high standards. 

Please use the links below to view your relevant information:

  • Emergency information
  • I am a visitor to Alorf Hospital
  • I am an inpatient or have an inpatient stay booked
  • I have an outpatient appointment booked

For general inquiries please contact: 

Alorf Hospital
Telephone number: (+965) 2 205 2555
Email address: www.alorf-hospital.com
Fax: (+965) 2 456 7794 

Alorf Hospital Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patients who require urgent medical attention. It is not necessary for patients to contact the Emergency Department prior to their arrival. 

Emergency Department: (+965) 2 455 5050 

At Alorf Hospital we value the contribution visitors make to the recovery of our patients. Our visitor guidelines help to ensure a safe, clean environment for our patients, while also ensuring that visitors can make a valuable contribution to the patient recovery process. 
These pages will provide information on:

  • Contacting a patient
  • Visiting a patient
  • Facilities for patients and visitors

Contacting a Patient 

In Person

Upon arrival at Alorf Hospital, visitors should go directly to the Main Reception located at the main entrance of the hospital. The Main Reception will be able to provide guidance as to the room location of the person you are visiting. 

By telephone 
Patients can be contacted by telephone (this is located in their room). To contact a patient room you must know the patient’s room number. You can then call this number directly by dialing (+965) 2 455 5050 followed by the patient’s room number. For example, if a patient is staying in room number 401, then the dial for this patient’s room is: (+965) 2 455 5050 ext 401. 

For further assistance, please call (+965) 2 455 5050. 

It is hospital policy that medical information cannot be provided to relatives of patients over the telephone. Please note that relatives cannot obtain medical information for a patient from the treating Physician unless the patient consents in writing for this information to be released to a named relative. 

Only the legal guardian may obtain patient health information which the treating Physician deems necessary and indicates on the approved form. Legal guardians must show official identification (passport, civil ID, etc.) before records are released. 

Visiting a Patient 
Upon arrival at the hospital if you know the room the patient is staying, directional signage will point you to the right location. If the room number where the patient is staying is not known, the Main Reception will provide you this information. 

If a patient is in an isolation room due to an infectious Disease or has been admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, please contact the Nursing Supervisor of the unit. 

Patient safety 
Although we recognize the importance of visitors to our patients, it is important for visitors to understand that some of our patients do not have the ability to fight off infections. If you currently have or if you have been around anyone with any of the following symptoms, we suggest that you do not visit the hospital:

  • Any kind of viral infection like cold, flu, Measles, Hepatitis A and Chickenpox
  • Any kind of bacterial infection like upper respiratory tract infection
  • Any sign and symptoms of infection like vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash and sore throat

When visiting, please also practice careful hand hygiene. Alcohol based hand rub are located in strategic areas of the hospital, particularly in patient care areas. 

Alorf Hospital has an ample parking space provided for patients and visitors. 

Smoking restrictions 
As per Kuwait Law, smoking is prohibited in Alorf Hospital and its premises. This smoking restriction extends to all staff, patients and visitors. Any person(s) smoking in the hospital or on hospital grounds will be asked by security to immediately cease smoking. 

There are designated Smoking Areas in the hospital. 

Visiting restrictions 
In general, Alorf Hospital discourages children visiting the hospital for their own protection. Children are more prone to infection. 

Facilities for patients and visitors 

Snacks and refreshments 

There is a coffee shop located on the ground floor level, near the Main Reception of the Hospital. 
Snack and beverage are also available and are located near the Laboratory Reception. 
Opening times: 7:00am to 12:00pm (excluding the Holy month of Ramadan where adapted timing applies). 

Chocolate and Flower Shop 
A gift shop is located in the Main Lobby and is open daily from 7:00am to 12:00pm. 

Inpatient information 
We have put together this part of our guide for Inpatients to Alorf Hospital. We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible and hope this guide will provide answers to questions you may have and ensure you know what to expect. 

Please use the links below to view your relevant information: (please use hyperlink on these titles)

  • Before you arrive (follow the arrow)
  • During your stay (next page)
  • When you leave (page 11-on the exact title)

Before your stay 
Prior to being admitted to hospital you will receive instructions from your attending physician. Staff will also provide you with specific information regarding special procedures while scheduling your admission date. If you are coming for a planned procedure, please follow the Doctor’s instructions regarding food and drink prior to admission. 

Contacting the hospital 
It is not necessary to contact the hospital prior to your admission to confirm your admission date. For those patients who use a wheelchair it is not necessary to contact the hospital prior to admission. 

Changes to your admission date
It is possible to change your admission date by contacting the treating Physician through the relevant Outpatient clinic. If you are unwell on the date of your admission you should also contact your treating Physician by this means. 

What should I bring? 
For identification purposes, all patients should bring with them a:

  • valid Civil ID
  • Passport
  • or a valid Driving License
  • Marriage contract (patients for delivery)

If you are taking any medication, please bring these with you and hand to nursing staff for safekeeping. A medication reconciliation form is filled up by the Nurse or the attending physician to ensure additional patient safety. All medications that you require will be supplied by the hospital during your stay. 

Once you have been admitted, the hospital will be able to provide you with prescribed medications. If you require a walking or hearing aid, please bring these with you. 
We advise patients to leave all valuables at home to avoid misplacing them. 

Further information 

During your stay 

When you arrive at the hospital, you should proceed to the Main Reception Area. Please note that the reception area is both for men and women. It is preferred that friends or relatives accompany you on your admission day, although it is not compulsory. 

Information you may be asked for on admission:

  • Admission papers
  • civil ID
  • any other patient identification papers

You will be given the opportunity to provide emergency contact details of friends or relatives at the Main reception, which will be recorded on your admission sheet. 

Healthcare team 
If you have any questions or problems during your stay you should contact the Physician, In-charge Nurse or assigned Nurse who will discuss all treatments and procedures with you and provide an appropriate explanation. 

Inpatient care 
You will be asked to provide written consent for certain procedures and for any surgery you may need during your stay. The attending Physician will clearly explain and discuss the procedure/ surgery so that you understand and are able to make a decision about the proposed treatment and/ or surgery. Patients are allowed to refuse treatment or tests once the consequences of refusal have been clearly explained by medical staff. 

If you do not wish certain health care providers to be part of an element of your care, please notify your assigned nurse. 

Room allocation 
Three types of patient rooms are available in Alorf Hospital; private rooms, First Class rooms, and Royal Suites. 

In some unavoidable circumstances, if the First Class rooms or Royal Suites are unavailable for those who request for those particular rooms, private rooms will be used and First Class rooms or Royal Suites allocated as soon as they become available. 

All patients’ rooms have a TV with cable access. 
The hospital has its own laundry facility. Clean hospital linen will be provided on the wards. 

Patient Food Service 
We offer an in-room food service with 3 meals and 2 snacks daily for our patients. Special dietary needs are met as per the advice of dietetic staff and/ or on Doctors’ orders. Patients can select from the options in the menu. 

Though the following outlines general timings of usual meals and procedures, patient services can be extended to accommodate their needs and special services. 

Breakfast: 6:30am–7:30am 
Snack: 9:00am–9:30am 
Lunch: 11:30am¬12:30pm 
Snack: 3:00pm–3:30pm 
Dinner: 6:30pm–7:30pm 

Routine Doctor’s rounds are conducted between 9:00am to 12:00pm, while scheduled medical procedures are performed between 9 am to 5 pm unless for emergency cases. Nursing care is provided continuously for 24 hours every day. 

Alorf Hospital has an ample parking space provided for patients and visitors. 

Smoking restrictions 
As per Kuwait Law, smoking is prohibited in Alorf Hospital and its premises. This smoking restriction extends to all staff, patients and visitors. Any person(s) smoking in the hospital or on hospital grounds will be asked by security to immediately cease smoking. There are designated Smoking Areas in the hospital. 

When you leave 
On the day of admission, your Doctor will advise when he/she expects you to be discharged. You will also be informed of your discharge a day before your discharge date to allow you to make necessary preparations to be discharged. A discharge plan will be discussed with you, and a discharge summary handed over to you before discharge by your Physician. Your Physician will provide you with any instructions to ensure a smooth transition home and the unit Nurse will arrange for a follow-up appointment if necessary. 

On the morning of discharge, your Physician will confirm the discharge, so you can plan your pickup ride home. Upon discharge the Nurse will arrange for a wheelchair to transport you from your room to your car if needed. For transportation of your personal belongings to the car, the unit Nurse will provide a caregiver upon your request. 

You will also be provided with your discharge medication prescription which should be taken to the Alorf Hospital pharmacy in order to receive your medication. 

Billing procedures 
Payment is required upon discharge for any chargeable services incurred during your stay. Payments have to be made at the cashier counter on discharge. Accepted payment methods include cash, debit and visa card. 

Comments, suggestions or complaints 
Patient Suggestion Boxes are available in strategic places of the hospital with regards to making suggestions, comments or complaints. They are located in the Main Lobby, as well as at the entrances of the Emergency Department and Outpatient Department and the ward areas. Additionally, comments and complaint forms can be requested from the unit Nurse.