2015-01-19 17:32:18   Dr. Mansour Alorf has attained a Degree of Visiting Professor from Romania University (ORADEA). Read More


Alorf hospital is recognized as one of the best hospital here in Kuwait, attracting patients from across the Gulf areas and around the world. 

We show our deep commitment to provide exceptional patient care, pioneering in medical treatment and practice, and training new generations of healthcare providers who can proudly carry on our tradition of good medicine, with compassion. 

The commitment to provide safe, quality healthcare was enhanced when the hospital recently underwent Accreditation Canada International scrutiny and successfully passed the on-site survey in its very first try. This strengthened our resolve to provide excellent healthcare to its clientele. 

We are proud to be backed by a roster of outstanding Medical and para-medical staff from Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Philippines and India.