2015-01-19 17:32:18   Dr. Mansour Alorf has attained a Degree of Visiting Professor from Romania University (ORADEA). Read More


Accreditation helps health care organizations improve their performance for the benefit of their clients and the health system. 

Alorf Hospital has chosen Accreditation Canada’s ISQua-accredited program to help us pursue excellence, improve our performance, and guide our ongoing quality and safety initiatives. We chose Accreditation Canada both as a mark of pride and as a way to create a strong and sustainable focus on quality and safety within the hospital. 

Alorf Hospital started the journey in quality improvement on 2012 with Accreditation Canada International. We achieved our goals in the first level of accreditation on our very first try in June 2013 which led us to achieving the Gold award. We believe that our ability to deliver the best health care is made possible through the team of highly trained, dedicated and committed professionals within our medical, nursing and ancillary support services here at the Alorf Hospital. 

Although this is a tough job and needs more intense attention and a lot of group work, we are aiming to achieve the next level of accreditation, which is Platinum.